Production Music


Production music is the term given to music that is composed specifically for film, TV and other media. Companies approach production music publishers to obtain music for their shows. Sonoton, one of the worlds leaders, provide the music to the companies. Tim has been writing for Sonoton for more than 20 years and has around 100 pieces of music in use in a number of TV programmes and films around the world.

Some Of Tim’s Production Music

Sonoton’s partner company Cavendish host the full range of Tim’s production music tracks. Click here to see all of Tim’s production music hosted in the Cavendish database.

Here are some of Tim’s tracks and where they have been used for so far.

     ‘We’ve got all day’ – Dragons Den           All Around Me – A Place in the Sun

         ‘All together Gone – Top Gear                  Find a Way – Grand Designs